America in the World Economy: A Strategy for the 1990s

by C. Fred Bergsten
November 1988
Book Description

In this highly readable book, Bergsten analyzes the critical international economic issues facing the United States, in the domestic and global context, that will persist through the 1990s. He proposes a comprehensive strategy of "competitive interdependence" to address the macroeconomic, monetary, financial, and trade components of the problems, providing a blueprint for economic growth and new forms of international cooperation in the coming decade.

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Book Data

November 1988
ISBN paper 0-88132-082-X | 978-0-88132-082-4
218 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

"[S]hould be top of [the President's] reading list."

The Economist

"Bergsten ... has emerged as Washington's agenda setter on trade and international economic policy."

Bruce Stokes
The National Journal

"C. Fred Bergsten's impressive tour de force displays his intellectual breadth, expressive powers and political acumen ... this is easily the single best book on the central economic problems America faces in the 1990s and how to deal with them."

Richard E. Feinberg
Journal of Economic Literature

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