Global Competition Policy

edited by J. David Richardson and Edward M. Graham
December 1997
Book Description

There is growing consensus among international trade negotiators and policymakers that a prime area for future multilateral discussion is competition policy. Competition policy includes antitrust policy (including merger regulation and control) but is often extended to include international trade measures and other policies that affect the structure, conduct, and performance of individual industries. This study includes country studies of competition policy in Western Europe, North America, and the Far East (with a focus on Japan) in the light of increasingly globalized activities of business firms. Areas where there are major differences in philosophy, policy, or practice are identified, with emphasis on those differences that could lead to economic costs and international friction. Alternatives for eliminating these costs and frictions are discussed, including unilateral policy changes, bilateral or multilateral harmonization of policies, and creation of new international regimes to supplement or replace national or regional regimes.A succinct monograph Competition Policies for the Global Economy outlining major conclusions and proposals has been released along with this more comprehensive volume.



I. Introduction

1. Issue Overview 531.4KB

II. Country Studies

2. Canada 459.2KB

3. France: 1987-94 419.1KB

4. Germany 441.4KB

5. The Antimonopoly Law of Japan 487.6KB

6. United Kingdom 446.1KB

7. United States 445.6KB

8. Competition Policy and Trade Policy in the European Union 463.1KB

III. Issue Studies

9. Competition in Japan and the West: Can the Approaches be Reconciled? 402.5KB

10. US and EU Competition Law: A Comparison 380.6KB

11. Harmonizing Antitrust: The Less Effective Way to Promote Intellectual Competition 420.7KB

12. Australia and New Zealand 386.0KB

13 Using Antitrust Principals to Reform Antidumping Law 446.0KB

14. Formal and Informal Measures for Controlling Competition in Japan: Institutional Overview and Theoretical Evaluation 495.3KB

15. VERs, VIEs, and Global Competition 412.5KB

16. Keiretsu, Competition, and Market Access 507.4KB

IV. Conclusions

17. Conclusions and Recommendations 436.0KB



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December 1997
ISBN paper 0-88132-166-4
614 pp.

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