Delivering on Doha: Farm Trade and the Poor

by Kimberly Ann Elliott
July 2006
Book Description

Agricultural market liberalization is essential in achieving a successful Doha Round agreement because these are the most protected markets remaining in most rich countries. But the implications for developing countries, especially the poorest, are more complex than the current debate suggests. This volume examines the structure of agricultural support in rich countries and explores the challenges as well as opportunities that developing countries might face if the Doha Round succeeds in reforming OECD agriculture policies.

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1. Introduction [pdf]

2. The Problem: Rich Countries Supporting Rich Farmers

3. Prospects for Reform: Lessons from US and European Experience [pdf]

4. Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries

5. The Devil in the Doha Details

6. Delivering on Doha's Promise [pdf]




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July 2006
ISBN paper 0-88132-392-6 | 978-0-88132-392-4
160 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

"Kim Elliott has done us all a service with this sober analysis. Elliott strips away the hype and documents the uncertainties and complexities of the likely consequences for poor nations."

Dani Rodrik, professor of international political economy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

". . . opens to a broad audience the policy choices of today that will determine the character of the agricultural trade regime for a generation to come."

David Orden, senior research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, and professor, Virginia Tech

"It should serve as an indispensable reference guide for both trade policy generalists and agricultural policy specialists."

Claude Barfield, American Enterprise Institute

"Elliot's timely and well-written book takes a refreshingly realistic and non-ideological look at what's on the table in the agricultural trade talks, what should be on the table, and why it still matters for developing countries."

M. Ann Tutwiler, former president, International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council

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