The Economics of Global Warming

by William R. Cline
June 1992
Book Description

This award-winning study examines the costs and benefits of an aggressive program of global action to limit greenhouse warming. An initial chapter summarizes the scientific issues from the standpoint of an economist. The analysis places heavy emphasis on effects over a long run of 200 to 300 years, with much greater warming damages than those associated with the conventional benchmark.

Estimates are presented for economic damages, ranging from agricultural losses and sea level rise to loss of forests, water scarcity, electricity requirements for air conditioning, and several other major effects. The study concludes with a cost- benefit estimate for international action and a discussion of policy measures to mobilize the global response.

Selected by Choice for its 1993 "Outstanding Academic Books" list and winner of the Harold and Margaret Sprout prize for the best book on international environmental affairs, awarded by the International Studies Association.

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Book Data

June 1992
ISBN paper 0-88132-132-X
416 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

"... not only the best balanced and fairest economist's treatment ... but also is a single source for many of the climatological, agricultural and ecological aspects of the issue ... his ideas and approach deserve the widest possible readership."

Stephen H. Schneider
National Center for Atmospheric Research

"... essential reading for economists with any interest in global climate change."

Richard Schmalensee
Journal of Economic Literature

"... the analysis is most impressive and will make a very important contribution to the debate over global warming."

Dale W. Jorgenson
Harvard University

"Cline deserves admiration for his secure command over complex scientific, economic, and policy issues. This manuscript fills a clear-cut need for benefit assessments."

Joel Darmstadter
Resources for the Future

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