The Shape of a Swiss-US Free Trade Agreement

Policy Analyses in International Economics 76
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Richard E. Baldwin
February 2006
Book Description

At first sight, a free trade agreement (FTA) between Switzerland and the United States seems implausible, but this important new study concludes that an FTA between the two countries would be highly worthwhile to both. As leading advocates of market capitalism, Switzerland and the United States are well situated to conclude an FTA that breaks new ground in dismantling barriers. The study finds that the annual GDP gains to each partner from expanded trade could be on the order of $1.1 billion.

Selected chapters and sections are provided for preview only.


1. Introduction [pdf]

2. Agricultural Market Access

3. Issues Linked to Agriculture

4. Manufactures Trade

5. Services Trade [pdf]

6. Government Procurement

7. Direct and Portfolio Investment

8. Estimates from Gravity and CGE Models

9. Swiss Relations with the European Union

10. Conclusions




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February 2006
ISBN paper 0-88132-385-3 | 978-0-88132-385-6
224 pp.

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