Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Development?

edited by Theodore H. Moran and Edward M. Graham and Magnus Blomström
May 2005
Book Description

What is the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on development? The answer is important for the lives of millions—if not billions—of workers, families, and communities in the developing world. The answer is crucial for policymakers in developing and developed countries, and in multilateral agencies. This volume gathers together the cutting edge of new research on FDI and host country economic performance and presents the most sophisticated critiques of current and past inquiries. It probes the limits of what can be determined from available evidence and from innovative investigative techniques. In addition, the book presents new results, concludes with an analysis of the implications for contemporary policy debates, and proposeds new avenues for future research.

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1. Introduction and Overview [pdf]
Theodore H. Moran, Edward M. Graham, and Magnus Blomström

2. The Impact of Inward FDI on Host Countries: Why Such Different Answers?
Robert E. Lipsey and Fredrik Sjöholm

3. Disentangling FDI Spillover Effects: What Do Firm Perceptions Tell Us?
Beata Smarzynska Javorcik and Mariana Spatareanu

4. Foreign Direct Investment and Externalities: The Case for Public Intervention
Garrick Blalock and Paul J. Gertler

5. R&D Activities of Foreign and National Establishments in Turkish Manufacturing [pdf]
Asim Erdilek

6. Foreign Direct Investment and Local Economic Development: Beyond Productivity Spillovers
Holger Görg and Eric Strobl

7. Multinational Firms and Backward Linkages: A Critical Survey and a Simple Model
Ping Lin and Kamal Saggi
Comment Gordon Hanson
Comment Michael P. Keane

8. Does Foreign Direct Investment Accelerate Economic Growth?
Maria Carkovic and Ross Levine

9. Inappropriate Pooling of Wealthy and Poor Countries in Empirical FDI Studies
Bruce A. Blonigen and Miao Grace Wang

10. Intrafirm Trade of US MNCs: Findings and Implications for Models and Policies Toward Trade and Investment
Susan E. Feinberg and Michael P. Keane
Comment Marc J. Melitz

11. How Does FDI Affect Host Country Development? Using Industry Case Studies to Make Reliable Generalizations
Theodore H. Moran

12. China's Policies on FDI: Review and Evaluation [pdf]
Guoqiang Long

13. Is Africa's Skepticism of Foreign Capital Justified? Evidence from East African Firm Survey Data
Todd J. Moss, Vijaya Ramachandran, and Manju Kedia Shah
Comment Robert Z. Lawrence

14. Conclusions and Implications for FDI Policy in Developing Countries, New Methods of Research, and a Future Research Agenda
Theodore H. Moran, Edward M. Graham, and Magnus Blomström

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May 2005
ISBN paper 0-88132-381-0
440 pp.

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