Reforming OPIC for the 21st Century

Policy Analyses in International Economics 69
by Theodore H. Moran
May 2003
Book Description

What is the role of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in relation to private sector political risk insurers and financial institutions supporting the flow of foreign direct investment to emerging markets?This study provides an assessment of OPIC's various missions as a promoter of development, supporter of labor rights, protector of living standards in the United States, and advocate of environmental standards around the world. Drawing on the most recent evidence on the relationship between foreign direct investment and development and the impact of outward investment on the home economy, this study outlines a series of reforms that can make OPIC a more effective force in securing the benefits—and avoiding the hazards—of globalization in today's economy.



Overview 84.5KB

1. The Role and Mission of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation 143.4KB

2. Enhancing OPIC's Effectiveness 178.9KB

3. New Directions and Activities for OPIC 107.2KB

4. Preparing OPIC for the 21st Century 32.9KB

Appendix A-F 287.7KB



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May 2003
ISBN paper 0-88132-342-X
176 pp.

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