The Crawling Band as an Exchange Rate Regime: Lessons from Chile, Colombia, and Israel

by John Williamson
September 1996
Book Description

This study examines in detail the experiences of three countries that have in recent years operated exchange rate systems of "crawling bands," similar in spirit to the target zones that the author has recommended in the past. Williamson compares the succcessful experiences of 3 countries that have operated crawling bands with 15 similar countries and concludes that the crawling band exchange-rate policy has been an important element in their success. The study includes a manual for managing crawling bands.

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September 1996
ISBN paper 978-0-88132-231-6
200 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

" ... another catalytic and provocative study!"

Ralph C. Bryant
The Brookings Institution

" ... a fine piece of work."

Robert Solomon

" ... makes a very persuasive case that this intermediate regime is viable."

Michael Gavin
Inter-American Development Bank

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